Manage Work Inquiries & Business Contacts

Know exactly who contacted you, and what about. Never miss closing, or following up on a deal again.

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Funnel is currently available to select beta subscribers only. If you are not a part of our beta program you will be signed up for early access. All beta subscribers are eligible for a 50% lifetime discount.

Funnel works through a special contact form that you install on your website. No coding skills required.

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Create & Embed Contact Forms.

Funnel has a built–in form editor that allows anyone to build contact forms that can be installed into your website without any programming knowledge.

All Funnel forms feature standardized Uni–Form markup, so those familiar with it can style them with ease.

Email Conversations are Your Cases.

Each email you receive through a Funnel form will create a “case”. These cases are your work inquiries; the important thing is that they are automatically organized by recent activity and status, and not lost in your inbox among all other messages.



Send Professional Proposals.

You would communicate through Funnel as you would from your email client, but you can also respond with a nicely formatted proposal outlining your offer in a proffessional manner.

Coming soon: Customers will be able to respond to your proposals directly from the message itself, and you will be notified of their decision (whether they accept it or not).

Keep a Record of Your Customers.

Each time someone contacts you through your Funnel form, their info is recorded in the database. You can update the information of your contacts, assign them tags, and attach notes for future reference.


Designed to Work With Gmail™

Funnel connects to your Gmail/Google Apps account, where all the conversations and contacts you’ve made through Funnel are safely backed up (like in an archive). In case you decide to stop using Funnel for whatever reason, all your data will be waiting for you, no need to export anything, or migrate back to standard email.

Funnel or Superawesøme are in no way affiliated with Google. Funnel uses Google's oAuth service to access your Google account, it never stores your Google password, and no one at Funnel or Superawesøme has access to it.

We are Superawesøme

No really, our company is called Superawesøme. We’re primarily a web design shop doing interface design for clients, but also we enjoy building things we'd like to exist but for some reason don't.

This is exactly how Funnel came to be. We had a lot of trouble keeping up with all our leads, often losing touch with potential customers. We decided to build an app that would help us with this particular problem.

After using and developing Funnel for over a year, we decided to transform it into a service that would be available to everyone who shared the same problems.

We hope you find it useful as we do.

Process Leads Like Never Before

Funnel forms enable you to handle new project inquiries and proposal requests, send estimates, and even helps you keep track of your business contacts.

Try for Free

Funnel is currently available to beta subscribers. If you are not a part of our beta program you will be signed up for early access. All beta subscribers are eligible for a 50% lifetime discount.